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Fri Aug 28 17:09:48 IST 2009

What do you have set in "Silent Viruses" and "Non-Forging Viruses"?

 From the docs in MailScanner.conf, either of these settings can contain 
this keyword:

#    Zip-Password  : inserting this will stop senders being warned about
#                    password-protected zip files, when they are not 
#                    This keyword is not needed if you include All-Viruses.

However, there is a note on the end of the doc for the "All-Viruses" 
"This includes Zip-Password so you don't need to include both."

If you are treating "Zip-Password" as a silent virus, then no-one will 
get any notifications and the message will not be quarantined.

What you want to do is add "Zip-Password" to the "Non-Forging Viruses" 
list, so it treats all viruses as silent, except for password-protected 
archives which will still generate a recipient report and a quarantined 

Hope that makes some sense!


On 28/08/2009 10:13, Edward Dam wrote:
> Hello,
> We are running into the exact same issue with MailScanner version 
> 4.65.3 with password protected archives.
> When *Allow Password-Protected Archives = no*, MailScanner does not 
> send the recipient a notification, and the password protected archive 
> is not retained (we can’t release it from quarantine)
> When *Allow Password-Protected Archives = yes*,  MailScanner just 
> allows the attachment through as a blanket rule.
> We’d like to see some middle ground. The ability (like with other 
> attachments) for it to be quarantined, and we release the one(s) we 
> deem legit to recipients while blocking the rest.
> Can this be accomplished?
> I understand altering the “*Keep Spam And MCP Archive Clean = Yes*” to 
> “*No*” would produce this behavior, but it would also quarantine and 
> save all attachments with viruses as well – which is not a desired effect.
> So basically I am asking if there is a way to configure MailScanner to 
> quarantine password protected archives, WITHOUT affecting the other 
> settings of MailScanner on a system wide basis (like the Keep Spam And 
> MCP Archive Clean” change would do)
> Thank you for your time
> Ed Dam


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