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Edward Dam damfam at
Fri Aug 28 15:13:02 IST 2009


We are running into the exact same issue with MailScanner version 4.65.3
with password protected archives.

When *Allow Password-Protected Archives = no*, MailScanner does not send the
recipient a notification, and the password protected archive is not retained
(we can’t release it from quarantine)

When  *Allow Password-Protected Archives = yes*,  MailScanner just allows
the attachment through as a blanket rule.

We’d like to see some middle ground. The ability (like with other
attachments) for it to be quarantined, and we release the one(s) we deem
legit to recipients while blocking the rest.

Can this be accomplished?

I understand altering the “*Keep Spam And MCP Archive Clean = Yes*” to “*No*”
would produce this behavior, but it would also quarantine and save all
attachments with viruses as well – which is not a desired effect.

So basically I am asking if there is a way to configure MailScanner to
quarantine password protected archives, WITHOUT affecting the other settings
of MailScanner on a system wide basis (like the Keep Spam And MCP Archive
Clean” change would do)

Thank you for your time

Ed Dam
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