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Gavin Silver GSilver at
Fri Aug 28 15:23:57 IST 2009

I have mailscanner running as a mail gateway right now, relaying mail for a few different domains/servers. What I would like to accomplish is a way for users to manage their own whitelist/blacklist via a email address or folders. I had an idea that it would work like this:

Users gets message tagged as spam that is not spam.
User forwards the message to notspam at<mailto:notspam at> (which is only allowed to receive mail locally from notspam at<mailto:notspam at> is aliased for whitelist[SomeLongString]<mailto:CrazyLongRandomMailAddress at>.
It gets the message, strips the original "from" address somehow.
Runs a SQL method that inserts into the whitelist ["from" -> user at<mailto:user at>]

And the same scenario for blacklist.

I would obviously need to put in some checks or even just have the method remove any identical entries from both the whitelist and the blacklist before adding to either.

If anyone has implemented something like this (or perhaps something simpler that  serves the same purpose!) please let me know. If not, let me know if I should follow this email up after/if I succeed with what I did if you think it would be helpful to you.


Gavin Silver

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