image spam again :)

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> hi
> this "latest addition" of julians is in the beta you mean? or is it
> already in a stable release?
Well i've been running it for ~2 weeks and the clamav 3rd party sigs scoring works great so far, no issues on that front at all.

I do have other issues with the new beta though, whether it's just on my end or if it’s a problem with the beta remains to be seen. (I just wrote a mail about it actually, about the tnef issues)

So personally I wouldn’t call it stable just yet (its labeled as beta by Julian as well)

But ymmv.

> >
> I did deploy all the 3rd party clamav sigs as a test last week, and they
> are doing great. Thanks to julians latest addition I can score them in SA
> instaid of blocking them completely, so I wont be so vulnerable to FP's.
> I'm using bill landry's script to pull all of them auto.
> They do hit on a part of the new image spams. But not all of them
> unfortunately. But the problem would definitely be bigger without the 3rd
> party sigs.

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