image spam again :)

Jan Agermose ja at
Fri Aug 28 09:44:09 IST 2009


this "latest addition" of julians is in the beta you mean? or is it already in a stable release? 

> I don't have time to go through the virus infected emails, but I'd suggest
> if you don't use SaneSecurity signatures in ClamAV, you should.
> Regards,
> Michael.

I did deploy all the 3rd party clamav sigs as a test last week, and they are doing great. Thanks to julians latest addition I can score them in SA instaid of blocking them completely, so I wont be so vulnerable to FP's. I'm using bill landry's script to pull all of them auto.

They do hit on a part of the new image spams. But not all of them unfortunately. But the problem would definitely be bigger without the 3rd party sigs.

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