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Michael Mansour wrote:
> Hi Dave,
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>> Michael Mansour wrote:
>>> If anyone's used mailarchiva before with MailScanner
>> I'd be interested in how you finally decided to make it
>> work. Or if anyone has other suggestions please chime in.
>> In MailArchiva,
>> 1) Under listeners, check "Listen for incoming
>> Exchange/SMTP requests".
>> 2) Enter "25" in the "Exchange/SMTP Port" field.
>> 3) Select your MailArchiva's server IP in the "Bind IP
>> Address" field.
> Hmm.. I didn't consider having the mailarchiva server listening on port 25, thanks for the tip.
>> 4) Click "Save".
>> 5) Under "Domains", click the "New Domain" button.
>> 6) Enter the domain you want to archive mail for in the
>> "Domain Name" field.
>> 7) Click "Save".
>> In MailScanner,
>> 1) In rules directory create "archive.rules" file.
>> 2) In archive.rules file add this line,
>> To: *@<domain-to-archive> forward
>> archive@<>
>> 3) In MailScanner.conf change,
>>   #Archive Mail = /local/spool/MailScanner/archive
>> to
>>   Archive Mail = %rules-dir%/archive.rules
>> 4) Create a DNS A record for <>
>> with the mailarchive IP from step 3 in configuring
>> MailArchiva.
> I'm trying to understand how this will work. Step 2 requires all the to/from emails of that particular domain to go to one mailbox?
> I'd likely setup step 2 to be:
> To: *@<domain-to-archive> forward archive@<>

I only archive the messages "To" the target domain in MailScanner, our 
outbound mail is handled by another set of servers. You would need to 
adjust the rule for your installation.

> so won't need Step 4 as it'll be the real server.

Sure, I just didn't have the MailArchiva server online before I did 
this, so it needed FQDN.

> But then the mailarchiva server will recieve these on its port 25, but destined to the "archive" account, you think even if that account didn't exist, the server would simply just sort the emails anyway?
> I know advanced rulesets can be added to the mailarchiva server, but I'm still new to it myself.

I honestly didn't look too closely, we needed it working for a single 
client, for a test, and now it has been left running for that client.

The address "archive at" is really unimportant, once the 
message arrives at the MailArchiva server it is sorted based on the 
original recipient.

Let me know how it works out for you. We are considering purchasing the 
full version based on the fact it was so easy to manage the traffic that 
is archived based on MailScanner rules.


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