Multiple incoming and outgoing queue directories

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Aug 25 19:10:21 IST 2009

2009/8/25 Zaeem Arshad <zaeem.arshad at>:
> Hi,
> I have a requirement where I have multiple postfix instances running on the
> same box. Instance 1 has its directory structure in /queue1 while instance
> 2's postfix dir structure is in /queue2. Both directories are on separate
> partitions. I have tried setting up a file containing a list of the hold
> directories but MailScanner complains that the directories need to be on the
> same filesystem as the outgoing work dir. Why is that so? Also, is it
Queue file ID is generated (for resubmitted/reconstructed mail) as a
dunction of the inode numer and the current millisecond. So you cannot
create the file on one filesystem and then copy it over to the
outgoing directory (which happen to be "incoming", usually;-), since
that would break that relationship (inode numbers are only unique in
the respective filesystems. Doing a copy would mean having possible
duplicates in the series)... So that mandates that the "moving into
place" need be through linking, or on other words an mv, not a copy

> possible to have multiple outgoing queue directories so that mailscanner can
> scan files in /queue1/hold and place them in /queue1/postfix/incoming and
> same for the second instance?

All that is mandated is that the work directory and the respective
outgoing directories be on the same filesystem... Not the hold,
IIRC;-)... Or you could try run multiple MSes.

But really... What kind of requirement would mandate you set it up
like that? Are you sure there is no other, more or less sane, wayto do

> Thanks
> Zaeem

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