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Tue Aug 25 14:38:22 IST 2009

Michael Mansour wrote:

> If anyone's used mailarchiva before with MailScanner I'd be interested in how you finally decided to make it work. Or if anyone has other suggestions please chime in.

In MailArchiva,

1) Under listeners, check "Listen for incoming Exchange/SMTP requests".

2) Enter "25" in the "Exchange/SMTP Port" field.

3) Select your MailArchiva's server IP in the "Bind IP Address" field.

4) Click "Save".

5) Under "Domains", click the "New Domain" button.

6) Enter the domain you want to archive mail for in the "Domain Name" field.

7) Click "Save".

In MailScanner,

1) In rules directory create "archive.rules" file.

2) In archive.rules file add this line,
To: *@<domain-to-archive> forward archive@<>

3) In MailScanner.conf change,
   #Archive Mail = /local/spool/MailScanner/archive
   Archive Mail = %rules-dir%/archive.rules

4) Create a DNS A record for <> with the mailarchive 
IP from step 3 in configuring MailArchiva.

5) Restart MailScanner.

Warning Will Robinson !!!!!!, this was off the top of my head, some fine 
adjustment may be called for.


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