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Michael Mansour micoots at
Mon Aug 24 22:51:11 IST 2009


I've setup a mailarchiva server (OSE) and now want to archive mail from mailscanner into that server (only for a specific domain though).

The server itself, by default, listens on these ports:

8090 - http web console port (e.g. http://localhost:8090/mailarchiva)
8091 - smtp port
8092 - smtp milter port
8009 - tomcat ajp port
8010 - tomcat shutdown port

so it can accept smtp connections to archive the mail.

It also has a tool (ex2mailarchiva) which can import mail into the archive using various formats like mbox.

I've looked at the Archive mail options in MailScanner and not sure about the best way to approach this. I've tested the MailScanner archive system and using dated directories, it produces "queue" files which I could use with sendmail I guess to re-send those emails?

If anyone's used mailarchiva before with MailScanner I'd be interested in how you finally decided to make it work. Or if anyone has other suggestions please chime in.



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