Advice needed with Whitelist Rules

hden at hden at
Tue Aug 11 21:39:12 IST 2009

Ahhhh! checking the envelope sender address and comparing it to the From
address in the header nailed the reason why the email wasn't being
... They're not the same!


> On 11/08/2009 00:42, hden at wrote:
>> Although this appears very similar to my recent help request [resolved
>> now, thanks Alex], it is in fact totally seperate.
>> I'm trying to track why some email that should be whitelisted at times
>> isn't.
>>  [SNIP]

> The spam.whitelist.rules (as supplied it applies a ruleset to "Is
> Definitely Not Spam") works on the envelope sender and not the "From:"
> header at all, [SNIP]

> Jules.

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