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Tue Aug 11 09:16:29 IST 2009

On 11/08/2009 00:42, hden at wrote:
> Although this appears very similar to my recent help request [resolved
> now, thanks Alex], it is in fact totally seperate.
> I'm trying to track why some email that should be whitelisted at times isn't.
> In my whitelist rules, I want to whitelist email from anyone from a
> certain domain, so in whitelist rules have ..
> From:   yes
> Question, would this also whitelist email where the 'From' field in the
> email header is in the following format? ..
The spam.whitelist.rules (as supplied it applies a ruleset to "Is 
Definitely Not Spam") works on the envelope sender and not the "From:" 
header at all, so the syntax of the "From:" header is irrelevant.

The envelope sender address is just the user at section, with no 
surrounding junk, so your spam whitelist entry should work. Check that's 
where the mail is actually coming from! You can add the Envelope From 
Address to the headers in MailScanner.conf so you can see for definite 
what it's being set to, just look for "Envelope" and you'll soon find 
the option.

> From: Bill Smith<bill at>
> and, if not, what needs changing?
> Cheers!
> Dave


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