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Hey Julian,

On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 09:13 +0100, Julian Field wrote:

> On 10/08/2009 19:56, Michael H. Warfield wrote:
> > On Mon, 2009-08-10 at 19:00 +0100, Jules Field wrote:
> >    
> >> I don't quite see what that would achieve that the
> >> upgrade_MailScanner_conf doesn't.
> >> I don't entirely understand your point, sorry.
> >>      
> > 	The point is that upgrade_MailScanner_conf is a PITA.  I typically have
> > to have two screens up and refer back and forth while I've got the
> > instructions from one process in one screen and performing the actions
> > in another.
> >    
> Sorry, I always thought it was rather neat, in that it copies over all 
> your old settings, puts all the comments in the right place and so on. 
> Damn site easier than just having what most packages give you, which is 
> your old file and a new "default unconfigured" file where you have to 
> merge the two by hand to create your new one.

	A lot of packages have addressed that in different ways.

> Adding "include" files means that I need to allow settings to be 
> over-written by later instances of the same setting, and I need to keep 
> track of a whole stack of nested "include" files. Currently it will 
> complain if it sees the same setting twice, but I would have to disable 
> that, which I'm not keen on doing. And in the nested "include" file 
> handling, I've got to do loop detection and other nasties so you can't 
> trivially break it.


> Most sensible people who have multiple servers always document upgrade 
> instructions like this so you can just follow some noddy guide you wrote 
> rather than trying to be sure you didn't miss anything each time when 
> you get distracted by the phone ringing in the middle of it all. And you 
> just cut and paste your instructions :-)

	Hmmm...  Can I have some of those sensible people to work in our IT
departments?  They seem to be rather scarce.  At least around here.
Only problem is that I would probably have a hard time getting them

	: - Snip...

> I'm not against you or anything like that, I just wanted to present my 
> side of the situation too, to see what you think. It's not only your 
> opinion that matters, I need input from others before I change any of 
> this too.

	Oh, exactly!  That's why I said "suggestion" and "just a thought".  I
didn't see anything in the archives and I couldn't tell if any of this
had been considered before or what the reasoning was.  I was interested
in prompting a discussion.  And I got that nicely.  Some of the other
comments were excellent alternatives that I've also seen.  I was rather
surprised to see a solution pop out of the woodwork.

> Implementing nested include files is non-trivial.
> > 	Mike

	: - Snip

	I look forward to playing with the new stuff.

> Jules
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