Fedora Core 11 & Mailscanner Install Fails

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Tue Aug 4 23:39:40 IST 2009


>> Try the MailScanner install with the rpm -e stuff disabled in the install 
>> script.

> But that is only triggered if the version of MailScanner currently installed 
> is less than 4.76.11.
> Are you upgrading from a version before 4.76.11?

The last stable and the last beta.

>> If i do this with MailScanner current on a Fedora 11 it breaks the complete 
>> install. It will remove a lot of perl packages before it starts installing 
>> (rpm -e) and then you get stuff like this.

> Because the RPMs are totally different beyond 4.76.11 than they were before 
> it, so the old ones have to be removed to force the installation of the new 
> ones. Otherwise you won't be able to "yum upgrade" your system due to clashes 
> between some of the perl-* RPMs and the perl RPM itself. 4.76.11 was the 
> point at which I fixed all of that, so earlier ones have to be removed.

Yes but you remove all RPM's every time. And if the install fails you have 
a broken system. Even cpan doesnt function anymore after a failled install 
since it simple rpm -e's all it wants :)

>> The rpm -e isnt ok Jules :)

> But the new Filesys::Df installs just fine on Fedora 11, so I fail to see why 
> it would be a problem.

I have seen dependency issues. You could play one one of the machines 
where its happening if interested. No problem. Meanwhile i have found my 
way of fixing it ;)


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