Startup errors after major upgrade

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Thu Apr 30 10:31:39 IST 2009

G. Armour Van Horn wrote on Wed, 29 Apr 2009 18:04:06 -0700:

> Well, no, as it specifically banned spaces, periods, and underscores, 
> but was complaining about parentheses, I somehow hadn't thought to try 
> hyphens.

Well, they are in that very string ;-)

> As it happens, I actually don't need anything more than the org-name at 
> the moment, because only one of my three servers is running MailScanner. 
> Over the last ten years, that hasn't normally been the pattern, and I 
> can't imagine that I'll stay with only three servers, only one of which 
> runs MailScanner, for all that long. If I have to dig a file out of the 
> quarantine for a client I would just as soon start digging on the right 
> server.

org-name does not have to be the orgname. You can just set it to Vanguard1, 
Vanguard2 etc. Much easier to set one variable than to tweak this variable 
and that variable by hand ...


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