Jason Ede J.Ede at birchenallhowden.co.uk
Wed Apr 29 08:27:57 IST 2009

I've been trying this morning to break it using blat to send text based emails (email-plain) to the server and its been working perfectly. I then used blat again with source copied from an outlook email (email-html) that shows the problem and it does append an extra signature on the end every time. I'll try some more debug on this later by adding some debug lines into the code. I've attached the 2 text files that I've been using.

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On 28/04/2009 20:19, Jason Ede wrote:
> I've been testing the _SIGNATURE_ option here and it seems that it always adds the signature at the end as well as in the message at the signature tags. I'm using html sigs with an inline image. I've taken at look at what I think is the code in message.pm but it all looks correct to me :(
Yes, I have looked too, when someone else commented they were getting
the sig at the end too. But the code is incredibly simple and I can't
see anything wrong with it either.
FoundSigMark = 0
FoundSigMark = 1 if we successfully replace _SIGNATURE_ with the
signature text.
print signature text at end of message unless FoundSigMark is non-zero.
That's all there is to it.
> I don't need to change something in the config to stop it signing at the end as well?
If you could try adding some lines like
     print STDERR "FoundSigMark = $FoundSigMark\n";
lines into the code at suitable places, then run it on your system with
"MailScanner --debug" and see what it prints, that would really help me
debug it.

Many thanks.
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>> I have just released a new beta, this will be one of the last before
>> the
>> next stable release.
>> Please test it, as I have optimised the processing-messages database
>> code, and fixed one or two little bugs. The Change Log will tell you
>> all
>> the details.
>> Download as usual from www.mailscanner.info.


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