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Wed Apr 29 02:26:00 IST 2009


We started to run MailScanner-4.75.11-1 with postfix-2.3.3-2.1.el5_2 on redhat 5 about a week ago. I noticed that our MailScanner archive file system was filled up. I checked into it and found many messages were archived many times. Below is an example:

Apr 28 15:23:11 smtp4 postfix/smtpd[24352]: F3CA058002:[]
Apr 28 15:23:12 smtp4 postfix/cleanup[24397]: F3CA058002: hold: header Received: from ( [])??(using TLSv1 with cipher DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA (256/256 bits))??(No client certificate requested)??by (Postfix) w from[]; from=<USER1 at> to=<USER2 at> proto=ESMTP helo=<>
Apr 28 15:23:12 smtp4 postfix/cleanup[24397]: F3CA058002: message-id=<200904282123.n3SLNAkR028670 at>
Apr 28 15:23:14 smtp4 MailScanner[23234]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.B6300 A38AB58004.360C0 52DEC5800B.63C17
Apr 28 15:23:18 smtp4 MailScanner[24265]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.57F78 52DEC5800B.B3C49 A38AB58004.19C12
Apr 28 15:23:25 smtp4 MailScanner[24658]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.D6243 A38AB58004.40395 099AA58005.34E58 B035558007.D1C75 52DEC5800B.3168F
Apr 28 15:23:29 smtp4 MailScanner[24055]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.1425A B035558007.3EDFF 099AA58005.BA47B A38AB58004.23BA7 52DEC5800B.C5CC5
Apr 28 15:23:35 smtp4 MailScanner[24746]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.5AB76 52DEC5800B.405F1 099AA58005.68BCE A38AB58004.51C62 B035558007.7C8C9
Apr 28 15:23:40 smtp4 MailScanner[24790]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.D3E1F 099AA58005.602B0 A38AB58004.0879B B035558007.42E20 52DEC5800B.96D93
Apr 28 15:23:44 smtp4 MailScanner[24703]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.B0CCF B035558007.E2C7B 52DEC5800B.95473 A38AB58004.12BB0 099AA58005.CB8C6
Apr 28 15:23:49 smtp4 MailScanner[24531]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.12A87 52DEC5800B.07E4D B035558007.AEA81 099AA58005.11978 A38AB58004.2DDB6
Apr 28 15:23:53 smtp4 MailScanner[24573]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.046CD A38AB58004.C84B3 335EB5800E.41524 B035558007.08567 099AA58005.4F6DF 52DEC5800B.C572A
Apr 28 15:23:59 smtp4 MailScanner[24836]: Saved archive copies of F3CA058002.088FB
Apr 28 15:24:02 smtp4 MailScanner[24836]: Requeue: F3CA058002.088FB to 71DAD58009

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