Slooow MailScanner = bitdefender??

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Apr 29 00:35:24 IST 2009

on 4-28-2009 2:27 AM Nigel Kendrick spake the following:
> Morning,
> I have a P4 3GHz server running MailScanner 4.75.11 that has has been
> working fine, but over the last few days it has taken to slowing down
> dramatically and the CPU load hits 13+
> Admittedly the server could do with a bit more RAM (it has 768MB), but
> it has worked fine for several years and the load is very small (<300
> emails a day).
> A quick look at htop shows that the bitdefender update process seems to
> run 'forever' and eats up >500MB and then the server goes into swap city
> and almost grinds to a halt.
> The upgrade from 4.69.? happened around the same time as the slow down
> so has something changed that might have caused this? I guess something
> may have just tipped the server over a critical RAM requirement so I am
> going to fit some more (1.5GB) but any other thoughts appreciated as
> other servers upgraded at the same time (fitted with more RAM) have not
> experienced the slow down.
> Thanks
> Nigel Kendrick
Bitdefender has always been a processor hog, and maybe as the signatures get
bigger it gets worse.
How many children do you run? You could probably get away with one with that
low a load.

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