Slooow MailScanner = bitdefender??

Nigel Kendrick support-lists at
Tue Apr 28 10:27:20 IST 2009

I have a P4 3GHz server running MailScanner 4.75.11 that has has been
working fine, but over the last few days it has taken to slowing down
dramatically and the CPU load hits 13+
Admittedly the server could do with a bit more RAM (it has 768MB), but it
has worked fine for several years and the load is very small (<300 emails a
A quick look at htop shows that the bitdefender update process seems to run
'forever' and eats up >500MB and then the server goes into swap city and
almost grinds to a halt.
The upgrade from 4.69.? happened around the same time as the slow down so
has something changed that might have caused this? I guess something may
have just tipped the server over a critical RAM requirement so I am going to
fit some more (1.5GB) but any other thoughts appreciated as other servers
upgraded at the same time (fitted with more RAM) have not experienced the
slow down.
Nigel Kendrick
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