Preventing multiple signatures in email conversation?

Chris Barber chris at
Tue Apr 28 18:33:05 IST 2009

>> > From your first paragraph there, are you referring to the "Allow
>> Multiple HTML Signatures" setting?
>>   I tried that setting using an image
>> tag without a src and it doesn't work for me because some email
>> change the<img>  tag that is missing the src to an error message and
>> thus MailScanner won't see it when it comes back in.
>You could put in the src as the same URL as the Web Bug Replacement in 
>MailScanner.conf. They won't be able to see that, but it will make the 
>img tag correct. And that URL will always be accessible, and widely 
>available as it's hosted by an anycast network of servers scattered 
>around the world.
>> > From your reply above it sound like there is another way to get
>> done?
>Not particularly, should there be another way?
It might be nice to be able to specify the string MailScanner looks for
when deciding to include the signature or not. The <img> tag isn't good
for some of my picky customers who don't like to see the blocked image
and download warnings when using a client such as Outlook. 
If I could specify the text that MailScanner should look for, I could
strip the repeat signatures without annoying anyone. 

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