Maximum Processing Attempts

Matt spamlists at
Tue Apr 28 11:03:49 IST 2009

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> >From the past discussion I think it is mainly those heavy-traffic sites
> that would benefit from it. I think we had exactly two folks mentioning a 
> problem with occasional messages getting not processed somehow. Both with 
> high-volume sites. So, the majority does not need this feature to be on.
> On the other hand, exactly those people who need it will also be hit most 
> by the performance hit (as small as it may be).
> Unfortunately none of them participated in the recent discussion.

I run a high volume service and up until recently I have had nothing to 
add as we have have only been affected by this issue once.  However, in 
the last couple of weeks we have had this happen to two of servers.  
Within in 20 minutes the queues had grown to unexceptable levels and the 
LA on the box jumped hugely.  It took me over an hour to track down 
which message caused the issue (as an aside - adding the message back in 
to the processing queue about an hour later and it went through fine!).

I for one would have accepted the the tiny hit a few SQLite queries per 
message would have caused had the code been avalible then.  I hope to 
have the code in production by the end of the week


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