Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Apr 26 10:32:35 IST 2009

I have changed the Postfix message id code again. It now replaces the 
first character after the ".", which would always have been 0 in recent 
versions anyway, with an "A". This means it cannot be interpreted as a 
number and so should solve the problem.

I have moved Net::CIDR right down near the bottom of the module 
installation process, after Math::BigInt which it needs for testing. On 
some upgraded systems, the Math::BigInt module is not available after 
upgrading the operating system.

Note that you no longer need to use the "--reinstall" option at all. I 
have left it in, but it should no longer be needed. If it detects a 
pre-big-sort-out installation of MailScanner, it will automatically do 
it anyway. And post-big-sort-out systems no longer require it as none of 
the modules clash with Perl's rpm anyway.


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