Permission errors with extracted TNEF data

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Tue Apr 21 21:43:52 IST 2009

Hey Julian (+list),

 Did you correct some permission errors with the extracted TNEF data in
your latest beta? I noticed in the 4.75.11 release (and prior), all
extracted TNEF data (either by the perl module or via the external
parser (1.4.5) was being saved to the incoming work directory with bad
permissions, which was causing Clamd to complain. It only affected the
TNEF exported data, which didn't appear to be using the proper "Incoming
Work Permissions" or "Incoming Work Group" settings, depending on which
parser you used. If you used the external parser, the clamd errors were
not logged to MS, only to the clamd.log file (ex: Tue Apr 21 14:42:03
2009 -> WARNING: lstat() failed on:

 I don't have the problem anymore in the latest beta (4.76.15) with
Convert::TNEF, but the issue still exists with the external parser,
which is ignoring the "Incoming Work Group" settings. I didn't see
anything specifically mentioned in the changelog about the Perl TNEF
fix, so I figured I'd ask.

 I did a dump of the file permissions of the work folders in this

 This server is using Postfix with the following configs:
	Run As User = postfix / Run As Group = postfix
	Incoming Work Group = clamav / Incoming Work Permissions = 0640


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