Mangled MIME Headers in plain text mail

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Tue Apr 21 20:53:52 IST 2009

On 21 Apr 2009, at 17:44, Julian Field wrote:

> I've just tested your message against my copy of MailScanner, the  
> latest released version.
> It puts the plain-text signature at the end of the first plain-text  
> bit of text, and it puts the HTML signature at the end of the HTML  
> bit of text, just as I intended.
> It doesn't create any new MIME parts for the signature at all, as I  
> didn't think it would.
> So I don't know where those signatures are coming from, but I sure  
> cannot reproduce this. MailScanner doesn't create new message MIME  
> parts when it adds signatures, feel free to read the code.

So where on Earth or perhaps more the point, what on Earth is making  
it do this? MailScanner lints just fine and for maybe 85 - 90% of all  
mail has no problems but every so often something throws a new MIME  
part and 'breaks' the message.

Where can/ should I start looking Jules?


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