Found nn messages in the processing-messages database

Desai, Jason jase at
Fri Apr 17 16:19:48 IST 2009

> It just occurred to me that the processing database won't work well
> with
> Postfix at all.
> Postfix re-uses the message id numbers too fast for them to be
> considered good ids, which is why I have to add a random number to the
> end.
> But I add a new random number to the end every time I pick up the
> message, so every time it sees the same message it will create
> different
> message ids for it.
> So the processing database idea breaks down :-(
> Poo :-(
> Any thoughts?

I don't use Postfix, but perhaps instead of adding a random number you
could add the unix time stamp, or maybe a hash of the date/time plus the
sender and/or recipient address. There still may be id collisions, but
hopefully not as many as using just the message id by itself.


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