trouble installing mailscanner on freeBSD 6.2 server

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Fri Apr 17 06:33:40 IST 2009

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On 17 Apr 2009, at 04:41, Bracey, John wrote:

> here's what is recorded in /var/log/messages when the process dies:
> Apr 16 20:40:38 scooby kernel: pid 10382 (perl5.8.9), uid 0: exited on
> signal 6
> Any ideas welcome.

Looks like with your to'ings and fro'ings with perl you have your  
modules in a right mess. If you don't mind being a little more cutting  
edge, I would pkg_delete perl-5.8 and/or 5.9, then cd /usr/ports/lang/ 
perl5.10 and install that (It's the future ;-) ).

Then (Because I have never been that successful with the perl module  
move/ upgrade script) cd /var/db/pkg and (Assuming you have  
portupgrade or similar installed) portupgrade -f p5* pecl* and let it  
do it's thing for a while. Once that's finished, you should have perl  
with it's modules all in the same place. Once that's done, install the  
latest MS beta which works properly with perl 5.10 (I posted my own MS  
port file a week or so ago that will do it).


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