Found nn messages in the processing-messages database

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu Apr 16 20:08:28 IST 2009

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 07:37:49AM -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Note that the "Found" count doesn't always increase between restarts, but
> it never decreases. Also, "New Batch: Scanning X messages" in the log are
> always followed by "Deleted X messages from processing-database" with the
> same count and over any period, the "Deleted" counts add up to the same
> total as the "Scanning" counts even where the "Found" count has increased.

One more piece of information. As I said, I first saw these increasing
counts after upgrading 4.76.7 to 4.76.10 three days ago and continuing
after upgrading to 4.76.12 two days ago, but I observe the rate at which
the count increases is decreasing. It went from 0 to 16 in the first 24
hours and from 14 to 23 in the next 10 hours, but then it took 14 hours
to go from 23 to 24 and it has been at 24 for the last 22 hours.

During this time, I have run "MailScanner --processing" a few times, and
this always gives no output, so it seems there is some kind of residue
accummulating in the processing database that is only counted in the
Found count when a child starts.

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