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I just noticed one more thing. He says it applies to version *3* of 
MailScanner, which has only been around for about 5 years or so. I 
suspect this page is a little old and no longer relevant. When he wrote 
it, MailScanner already did the periodic restarts anyway, but it didn't 
do the multiple queue directories, I didn't introduce that until about 2004.


On 14/4/09 09:18, Julian Field wrote:
> On 13/4/09 20:41, Alex Neuman wrote:
>> I came across the following:
>> I tried googling for its name + "Julian Field" and came up with 
>> nothing, so I turn to you guys... Has anybody here used/heard/thought 
>> about this, ever? Don't remember it being mentioned at all on the 
>> list either.
> Have just read the documentation included at the above URL, I can't 
> see the point in this script at all. Its main 2 features seem to be
> 1) Manages multiple incoming mail queues,
> 2) Restarts MailScanner periodically.
> If the author had ever read the MailScanner documentation, he would 
> know that
> 1) MailScanner already supports multiple work queues, in a far simpler 
> and more flexible way than his suggested setup, this is all explained 
> in the "Incoming Queue Dir" setting;
> 2) MailScanner restarts itself periodically for exactly the reasons he 
> gives for restarting it, this is all explained in the "Restart Every" 
> setting pretty near the top of the MailScanner.conf file.
> So I don't see any point in this package at all.
> Jules


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