MailScanner, CentOS 5 and perl-IO & perl-File-Temp

Scott Silva ssilva at
Mon Apr 13 19:53:16 IST 2009

on 4-11-2009 9:59 AM Mark Nienberg spake the following:
> Julian Field wrote:
>>   the fact that RedHat got the module path @INC totally wrong in their
>> release of Perl in RHEL 5, with the result that a lot of modules
>> simply cannot be over-ridden without doing a "forced" install of files
>> to overwrite stuff in their RPM, unless of course you mess with @INC
>> at the start of your Perl program (which is what I have done) so that
>> the vendor and site-specific directories actually get consulted before
>> the core Perl system directories.
> I think this ordering for @INC has always been the case on RHEL.  They
> see it as a way to force the use of the supported versions of modules
> instead of unsupported ones the user might have added.
> That said, I like what you are doing!  What about the perl modules
> installed with your SA easy installer?  Can those eventually be done the
> same way?
> Mark Nienberg
There are rpm versions of spamassassin that get updated quickly on most of the
alternate repos.

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