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Mon Apr 13 14:43:06 IST 2009

On 13/4/09 11:53, Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:
> Hi Jules,
>> The installer no longer "forces" the install of any Perl module. So 
>> you can upgrade Perl independently at any time without it clashing 
>> with any of MailScanner's Perl modules. Hopefully this will make 
>> quite a few of you happier :-)
>> All modules install cleanly on RedHat Enterprise 4 and 5, CentOS 4 
>> and 5, and Fedora Core 9 and 10. Those are what I have tested it on 
>> and ironed out all the problems on.
>> There are several command-line options to the installer that you 
>> should know about. "./ --help" will print these.
>> ./ fast ---- Skip all the waiting and pausing in the 
>> installation process.
>> ./ reinstall ---- Uninstall all the Perl modules first, 
>> before reinstalling them all again. Useful if you think something has 
>> got corrupted.
>> ./ nomodules ---- Do not install any of the supporting Perl 
>> modules, just install tnef and MailScanner and nothing else.
>> I have done quite a bit of testing on this installer, but please do 
>> try it on your individual systems and check that it all works and 
>> produces a working system.
>> Cheers, and enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend, those of you in 
>> countries (like me) that are lucky enough to have today off work!
> Tested and installed just fine on 2 CentOS 5.3 machines.
> Perhaps you could create the Lock file dir also?
> Apr 13 12:20:48 server4 MailScanner: Could not read directory 
> /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/Locks
> Apr 13 12:20:48 server4 MailScanner: Error in configuration file line 
> 2845, directory /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/Locks for lockfiledir 
> does not exist (or is not readable)
> Manually created it and then it was fine, but perhaps just create it? 
No problem. Just published 4.76.10-2 which should fix this problem for 
you. Please remove the Locks dir and upgrade to -2 and you should find 
it will create it for you now.
Sorry about that one.


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