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Julian Field wrote:
> On 3/4/09 22:37, Craig White wrote:
>> On Fri, 2009-04-03 at 23:31 +0200, Kai Schaetzl wrote:
>>> Craig White wrote on Fri, 03 Apr 2009 08:39:11 -0700:
>>>> There has to be a better way than this...this is no way to run a
>>>> railroad.
>>> Don't install the perl modules in the mailscanner package, you don't 
>>> need
>>> them. The reason for this error is that the MIME-Tools package you
>>> installed wants these two rpm packages. The MIME-tools package is not
>>> correctly packed for Red Hat/CentOS systems as it requires packages 
>>> that
>>> are part of the installed perl on them (and probably most other
>>> distributions, this require should get removed).
>> ----
>> Thanks...I'll look at that.
>> Jules, comment?
> I always just run the ./ and everything works. If you don't 
> then I can't guarantee what will happen. Feel free to ignore my 
> guidance but don't come running to me if the resulting system doesn't 
> work. :-)
> Jules

This thread has gone on long enough that I just have to reply.

I have used the MailScanner install scripts for more years than I care 
to remember and can easily count the times I have had a problem with an 
install or upgrade on less than the number of fingers on one hand.
Considering the number of operating systems supported and the complexity 
of the program, the MailScanner packaging, installation and update 
scripts are really pretty wizard.

Still, MailScanner uses Perl and Perl can be a snarly beast, especially 
if you have added other applications that loaded other Perl modules or 
updated the operating system's Perl, or ....... (you get the idea).

A lot of things can break Perl module dependencies and there is no way 
that Julian or any developer can anticipate everything that can happen 
to your system or guess what you might have added to your system. And 
let's not even mention the fact that some of us have been known to put 
an errant shot or two through our own feet :).

There are two things you can do to avoid Perl problems.

1. Run a very minimal system. Load nothing that is not absolutely 
necessary and not required to run a MailScanner email gateway. This will 
minimize the chances of Perl update problems. And BTW this is
 just simply a real a good idea for any type of gateway of enterprise 
infrastructure server.

2. Run MailScanner Gold using our yum repositories.

Below is a resend of the MailScanner Gold BETA and Production email That 
Julian and I sent out a while back. Please close this message now to 
avoid the commercial or Scroll on to learn more.

If you have a spare hour and a VM or spare system you might learn 
something by trying a MailScanner Gold BETA install.  Start with a clean 
minimal (add NOTHING) install of CentOS / RH 5.x an watch what happens -



* What is it?

This is a new Yum repository for CentOS 5 i386 and x86_64 only.  It will 
always contain the latest MailScanner beta (4.72.2 at the time of 
writing) along with SpamAssassin (plus DCC, Razor, DKIM, SPF, IP-Country 
and Rule2XS plug-ins), ClamAV and all Perl module dependencies.

It should be used for beta testing new releases only and should not be 
used in production.

* Why is it different from other repositories?

Because it aims to completely eliminate the problem of package conflicts 
and to make installations and upgrades as simple as possible. These rpms 
provide an automatic configuration that contains the regular tuning tips 
that would be unfamiliar to those who do not have in-depth knowledge of 
MailScanner and it's configuration. This significantly reduces the 
amount of time it takes to do an installation. From start to finish, the 
installation and configuration of all packages takes less than five 
minutes on a reasonably fast network.

Package conflicts are avoided by creating a new RPM namespace for all 
the Perl modules required by MailScanner and SpamAssassin and by 
installing all Perl modules (except SpamAssassin) in 
/opt/fsl/lib/perl5.  This allows the Perl system libraries to be totally 
independent so they can be updated by the operating system vendor 
without the possibility of breaking MailScanner or SpamAssassin.

Automatic configuration is achieved by using RPM 'triggers' which allow 
the installation, upgrade or un-installation of one package trigger to 
access an action specified by another package.  For example - when 
're2c' is installed, the fsl-spamassassin package runs a trigger that 
automatically runs 'sa-update' and 'sa-compile' to get the latest rules 
and compile them and then automatically enables the 'Rule2XSBody' 
plug-in in v320.pre, subsequently if 're2c' is uninstalled, then the 
plug-in is automatically disabled.

* Installation procedure

Ideally it should be installed onto a server with a fresh minimal 
installation of CentOS/RHEL 5. This will allow the operating system and 
all MailScanner related applications to be safely updated by simply 
running `yum -y update`.

If you want the MailScanner package to automatically mount the 
MailScanner incoming directory on tmpfs then run the following command 
before starting the installation:
             export MAILSCANNER_CREATE_TMPFS=1

Then simply run:

       wget -O 
       yum -y groupinstall MailScannerGold
       export PERL5LIB=/opt/fsl/lib/perl5

Once all the packages are installed, the only configuration required is 
to MailScanner.conf, Sendmail (/etc/mail/access, /etc/mail/mailertable) 
and then enable and start them both by running:

       chkconfig MailScanner on
       service MailScanner start

* Installing over an existing RPM based installation

This is no different to the procedure above - except you should back-up 
your MailScanner and SpamAssassin configuration first as a precaution.  
The 'stock' MailScanner package has no automatic upgrade procedure you 
will need to manually run upgrade_MailScanner_conf and/or 
upgrade_languages_conf if any rpmnew files are created by the new package.

* Support

Sign-up for the fsl-beta support list at

The use of the repository is entirely unsupported by FSL, so use is at 
your own risk - however we will be happy to answer and questions about 
the repository or packages on the fsl-beta list.

* MailScannerGold PRODUCTION

The MailScannerGold Production yum repository will be available in a few 
days. We'll post another announcement when it's available for 
subscription and downloading.

Initial pricing for the production version subscription is a monthly fee 
of $45 / month for the first gateway and $30 / per month for each 
additional gateway. This should help us to recover our costs for 
development and maintenance while at the same time costing sites less 
that the salaries required for administrators to fully maintain and 
update the MailScanner systems.

Support for MailScannerGold PRODUCTION will provided by a subscribers 
supported and FSL moderated email list. Subscribers to the service will 
also be able to obtain FSL support services at our standard hourly rates 
less a 25% discount.

These repositories should make installing, running and updating 
MailScanner a lot easier for both newbes and experienced mail 

Julian Field MEng CITP CEng
Chief Technical Officer
Fort Systems Ltd.

Steve Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd.

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