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Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Apr 3 09:30:39 IST 2009

I could probably write code for you to do this, but it would have to be 
a custom job for you, so would cost you some money. If you're still 
interested once you see a multi-$100 invoice, let me know off-list and 
I'll see what I can do for you.


On 2/4/09 23:16, Franklin Balluff wrote:
> Hello,
> My company has been using Mailscanner successfully for
> the last 15 months and I have been able to set
> conditions in the rulesets which have solved all of
> our company requirements up to this point.
> What I have been asked to do is setup a conditional
> test which, depending on mail address, stripts all
> message attachments except the intial text
> 'attachment' which people use for txt, rtf and html
> cover letters.
> The reason this is being asked for is there is a
> concern with certain types of data going through
> in attachments which legally isn't supposed to be
> seen by certain parts of the outside world.
> I can setup filename.rules and filetype.rules which
> will catch the attachments, but the trouble is,
> I don't see any option to selectively strip those
> parts of the message.  Allow and deny (with the
> option to also delete) are the only choices, and
> they don't strip.  They just stop the message in
> its tracks if any of the conditions are met.
> This is mailscanner 4.66.5 running on Redhat 4.5
> with Sendmail, ClamAv and Spam Assassin.
> Please help me if you can and make suggestions
> of what can be done.
> Thanks,
> --Franklin Balluff
> Associated Third Party Administrators
> Oakland, CA


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