Filename / Filetype Conditions

Franklin Balluff fballuff at
Thu Apr 2 23:16:17 IST 2009


My company has been using Mailscanner successfully for
the last 15 months and I have been able to set
conditions in the rulesets which have solved all of
our company requirements up to this point.

What I have been asked to do is setup a conditional
test which, depending on mail address, stripts all
message attachments except the intial text
'attachment' which people use for txt, rtf and html
cover letters.

The reason this is being asked for is there is a
concern with certain types of data going through
in attachments which legally isn't supposed to be
seen by certain parts of the outside world.

I can setup filename.rules and filetype.rules which
will catch the attachments, but the trouble is,
I don't see any option to selectively strip those
parts of the message.  Allow and deny (with the
option to also delete) are the only choices, and
they don't strip.  They just stop the message in
its tracks if any of the conditions are met.

This is mailscanner 4.66.5 running on Redhat 4.5
with Sendmail, ClamAv and Spam Assassin.

Please help me if you can and make suggestions
of what can be done.


--Franklin Balluff
Associated Third Party Administrators
Oakland, CA

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