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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Mon Sep 29 17:17:34 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> Hi folks!
> I haven't done anything to the installer in quite a long time.
> Are there any improvements people would like to see, particularly in
> the RPM installer as that's by far the most common distribution, and
> is used by the least tech-savvy people who need the most guidance.
> Today I have done some work on both the README and the
> QuickInstall.txt files, to bring the up to date and to simplify them.
> Also I have documented the "./ fast" option, so people who
> read the docs know it exists, as it greatly speeds things up if you
> know what you're doing and don't need to read all the output.
> But what would people like to see improved in the actual installation
> script,

Nothing overwhelming on my end but there are a couple of minor things
that would be nice, as long as you're inspired.

At at the tail end of the installation script, it mentions running
update_MailScanner & update_languages.  I always forget the exact syntax
so run them w/o any args which then displays three lines showing exactly
what to run.  It would be great if that was shown instead of just the
simple reminder.

When the combined spam/av script runs it adds the same three or four
lines to each .pre file.  As you've noted in the past, it's harmless to
add them in multiple times.  But it would be cleaner if they were just
added to the latest.  Nothing to lose sleep over, just a little extra
cruft to wade through when/if debugging.

Many of us use MailWatch of course.  It might be nice if it asked if
MailWatch was going to be used, and if so, set the appropriate variables
in MailScanner.conf at install time.  On the other hand, since MailWatch
2 is on the horizon, it may have a completely different set of variables
so this might not be worthwhile at this point.

That's all that comes to mind off hand...

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