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Scott Silva ssilva at
Mon Sep 29 01:23:00 IST 2008

on 9-28-2008 8:47 AM Michael H. Warfield spake the following:
> Hey Juian!
> 	Wow...  Serendipity or what.  I was just in the middle of a yum upgrade
> of some Fedora 8 systems to Fedora 9 and ran smack into a bloody
> nightmare with MailScanner.  The problem here is that Fedora 8 had perl
> 5.8 and had all the modules installed for that.  Fedora 9 has perl 5.10.
> The yum upgrade (which was also nightmarish due to the signing key
> rollover and a dependency hell on openssl and openldap) upgraded all the
> base perl stuff but not the MailScanner stuff.  Trying to reinstall
> MailScanner seems to work but then it doesn't run, complaining about
> Hostname/ not existing amongst others (fix one and there's more).
> The problem is, the rpm is installed but for the wrong version of perl
> and wasn't upgraded and the install doesn't install it because it thinks
> it's already there, even though the .pm module is in the wrong version
> directory.  I had to manually build and install the bad modules until
> MailScanner would restart.
> 	I strongly suspect that this would be the case even if I did not use a
> live yum upgrade but used an anaconda install (CD or preupgrade) as
> well.
> 	My suggestion for would be a sanity check to insure the
> correct rpm's are there for that distribution or a "reinstall" option
> that will reinstall the rpm's even if the exact same rpm is already
> present.  Yeah, this is a corner case that rarely comes up but it's an
> UGLY corner case, in this case.
That is probably why most of the Enterprise distributions usually discourage 
upgrades between major versions. I won't start the enterprise VS hobbyist 
distro war again.

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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