Dspam and MailScanner

Mohammed Alli malli at mcrirents.com
Thu Sep 25 16:44:05 IST 2008



I've gotten Dspam working with my MailScanner setup on Ubuntu.  I can
see both MailScanner and Dspam headers added to my messages.  Dspam is
tagging missed messages as **SPAM**, per my setup.  I just don't know
how to combine the 2 scores.  I tried the Spamassassin perl module for
Dspam, but it doesn't work either and requires Amavisd-new to combine
the scores.


I tried Dspam as a GenericSpamScanner, but I couldn't tell if it was
working as I didn't see anything in the mail.log.


Any suggestions?




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