Moving to a new server

Gregg LainJr. gregg at
Thu Sep 25 15:07:28 IST 2008

I do this a lot - might as welll script it also..

To backup:
mysqldump -h hostname.tld -u user -pPassword database-name > database-date.sql

to restore on same or another machine::
mysql -h hostame.tld -u user -pPassword database-name < databasefile.sql

Yes there is no space after the -p....

hostname is most likely localhost...

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2008/9/25 Velda Midanovic <velda.midanovic at>

>  Dear All,
> I have a running combination of RH4U5+sendmail+MailScanner+MailWatch+MySQL
> and it is working OK. Only in a short time I will have to move server to a
> bigger maschine.
> I will set up software, no problem, BUT how to move the data in MySQL
> database??? I have no experiance with something like this!!
#man mysqldump

> Some URLs would be wonderful, and some helpful advice.
> ------
> Also another problem. One server (with the above mentioned combination) has
> been running for more than a year, and now, when I want from the MailWatch a
> „Total Messages by Date" I get the report only till May of this year, and no
> more???
I think you should ask this in the mailwatch list, IMO.

> Best from,
> Velda
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