MailScanner on a Postfix Mailgate

Andrew MacLachlan andrew at
Thu Sep 25 11:55:18 IST 2008

Jay Chandler wrote:
> Howdy, folks; been a while since I've posted here.
> For those who may or may not recall, I used to administer MailScanner 
> (among other things) for $WeTeachYuppies.  I moved on to corporate 
> life about a year ago, and have been doing all right with mail 
> filtering via DNS up until now.
> My issue is that MailScanner at the old job (as well as MailScanner at 
> home) run on FreeBSD, which is relatively straightforward.  Running it 
> on CentOS 5.2 (our platform of choice at work) seems to be a 
> dependency nightmare, with it being incredibly easy to stomp the 
> MailScanner installation into oblivion.
> Short of putting a gun to someone's head and demanding FreeBSD 
> mailgates, is there a good solution to this problem?  I can't be the 
> first person to say "Wait a second, this is nightmarish" about the 
> upkeep of MS under Linux; I've been running my home install with 
> minimal maintenance under FreeBSD for two years, yet I can't seem to 
> keep a system together under Linux for more than one patch cycle 
> without something important dying...
And there I was thinking that MS on CentOS was pretty straight forward...
The only thing I've done is block yum from attempting to update perl. 
Everything else is pretty stock-standard.
What are the specifics of the systems you are having issues with?


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