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Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Thu Sep 18 00:44:53 IST 2008

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Scott Silva wrote:
> on 9-10-2008 11:01 PM Hugo van der Kooij spake the following:
>> Scott Silva wrote:
>>> I don't have the mailscanner-wrapper on my system, but it still updated
>>> the old rpm. Everything works so I don't see any problem
>> The wrapper is there as a convenience. Not all dependencies of the
>> MailScanner packages are done automatically. So every dependency I noted
>>  that was not taken care of in the MailScanner package has been added to
>> the wrapper.
>> If you have no need for the wrapper, that's fine by me.
>> Hugo.
> I probably didn't need the wrapper since this machine had mailscanner
> installed already. Definitely would be needed on a fresh install from
> the wrapper.
> I think this is great if you have time to keep it up. Once you get it
> automated, it probably doesn't take too long to keep it going.
> Too bad Julian doesn't map his easy install rpm tarball to a fixed
> symlink. Then it could probably run on autopilot for months at a time.

If the source RPM is updated each time the "compiled" version is done it
could be done almost automagic. Almost but for the fact that it needs a
passphrase to sign the packages. And the fact I prefer to test it before
I update the repository.


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