Desperately trying to debug poor spam scanning performance

Mark Nienberg lists at
Tue Sep 16 18:12:02 IST 2008

Steve Freegard wrote:
> Mark Nienberg wrote:
>> Pyzor works well for me with the alternative pyzor server.  In your 
>> .pyzor/servers file you should have
> I knew about this server - but I'd still rather not trust my mail 
> throughput to a single point of failure that everyone is querying.
> That's the biggest problem with Pyzor - the back-end has no easy way 
> to replicate to slaves.
Maybe it is because of my low volume (3000 msgs per day) but I haven't 
seen a spamassassin timeout or any kind in about a year.  But I see what 
you mean about the pyzor server.  I'm prepared to disable pyzor if it 
ever starts timing out for me.

Mark Nienberg

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