A lot of spam getting through this weekend

--[ UxBoD ]-- uxbod at splatnix.net
Mon Sep 15 16:06:36 IST 2008

Nope, as I use the SaneSecurity clam sigs which appear to be blocked ~98% of them.


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----- "Daniel Straka" <dstraka at caspercollege.edu> wrote:

> Over the past 4 day sooo much spam is getting through my MailScanner
> installation that I'm beginning to wonder if the spammers have figured
> out a way to get around it. A lot of *exually related messages, bank
> phishing attempts and more.
> MailScanner / SpamAssassin appear to be working ok yet everyone is
> getting about 10x the usual amount of spam making it into their
> mailboxes.
> Is anyone else seeing an issue like this?
> Thanks,

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