Desperately trying to debug poor spam scanning performance

Ben Tisdall ben.tisdall at
Mon Sep 15 11:28:25 IST 2008

Hi all,

I've tried over the weekend to optimise spam processing speed on this
box but with no major gains.

Here's some data that might be useful (jitter is my home box & newacorn
the not-yet-deployed production box).

Speed Logging

gmail => test => home

Spam Checks = no


11:12:31 Spam Checks completed at 43536 bytes per second


11:12:37 Spam Checks completed at 60548 bytes per second

Spam Checks = yes


11:15:17 Spam Checks completed at 491 bytes per second


11:15:26 Spam Checks completed at 1778 bytes per second

bonnie++ results:

Perl modules diff:

Let me know if any further info would be helpful.


Best regards,


Ben Tisdall
Linux Systems Administrator |

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