R: Spamassassin Timeout issue.

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at technologytiger.net
Wed Sep 10 23:04:42 IST 2008

>> For me the best disclaimers are none at all ... :D
> Unfortunately not all legal bods agree...

Quite. It's a legal requirement in the UK (Not 20 lines admittedly but  
I think it's fair to say that most companies take the view that in for  
a penny in for the whole pound (GBP!)).

Any way back to the subject in question, that iphone.... no sorry, the  
time outs :-)

The other thing to do is to grab a sample of messages and run them  
through SpamAssassin manually and see which part of the scan is slow  
and look at improving that area. So if it goes slowly through the DNS  
tests make improvements to your DNS, if it's rules look at sa-compile,  
if it's Pyzor make sure you are querying the right server, is your  
bayes database corrupt etc etc. The biggest problem (And also the  
largest advantage) of SA is that it uses so many different tests in so  
many different ways so no one solution fits all. Sure the answers  
given so far are not wrong and are the usual suspects but it may not  
be the case for every problem.


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