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Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Mon Sep 8 20:27:55 IST 2008

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Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
> I am not having a good day today.  Twice.  In 5 minutes...
> Unthreadjacked:
> To test a new installation before a cutover, I'm trying to find (out
> whether anyone has written) a program that can send a bunch of email to a
> SMTP server, logging what it does (both logical and session level), so
> that I can check that the results are what they should be.

A sender only has the view of what it communicates with the receiver.
Whatever happens after the receiver takes over is anyone's guess. But it
 not of any concern to the sender anymore.

So I fail to see how you could do l this on a session level from the sender.

I would say that just ding a darn good job of configuring things right
and bring it to live is the best test.

I have written some code to do a keepalive check to see if the whole
spam and AV chain works. The sending part is peanuts in perl. The
verificaton part was the tough part.

The chain goes like:

TEST server ==> Spam box ==> AV box ==> TEST server

So I end up by getting what I did send out if nothing breaks down. But
it is a twist in that I need to configure an extra domain into my
customer configuration to do this.


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