AW: Using Spamd rather than the SpamAssassin Library

Matt Hampton spamlists at
Sat Sep 6 21:36:08 IST 2008

Drew Marshall wrote:
> No, just delete the actual file that line relates to so when MS 
> restarts it builds a new one. 
The reason for this is that an extra field is added to the cache for the 
username - this means that if you choose to use different usernames then 
result for one doesn't influence the results of another one.

> This is (IMHO) the greatest advantage to Matt's solution over the 
> custom function that Steve posted, the cache is retained and you can 
> have the memory advantages of using spamd and per user configs etc.
To be fair I hadn't seen Steve's post. 

I wrote the code in July and left it running (brave/stupid) when I went 
on holiday at the beginning of August.  Didn't come get home when 
planned (over running building works at home) and was limited to my 
works 3G card - didn't fancy downloading the 12,000 messages over that :-)

> Works great here!

Has anyone else braved it yet?


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