Richard Siddall richard.siddall at elirion.net
Fri Sep 5 17:06:21 IST 2008

Dave Filchak wrote:
> Folks ... I have been trying to whitelist a particular newsletter that 
> we send out on behalf of a client of ours and have had no luck. It 
> always comes back with the following subject: [Lifeskills_News] {Spam?} 
> September 2008 Update. Mailman is hosted on my secondary mail server so 
> the original post is sent to my main mail server and then is aliased 
> over to my secondary mail server and on to Mailman. My client, 
> understandably, is getting upset with seeing the {Spam} in the subject. 
> The message is HTML but is not getting tagged as spam by my main mail 
> server, but rather, by my secondary. I have the following rules in my 
> rules file on the secondary:
> Subject: [Lifeskills_News] {Spam?} September 2008 Update
> An help will be much appreciated.


I didn't see a reply to your e-mail yet.  I was going to point out that 
it looks from the subject line like the e-mail is being marked as
spam before it gets to Mailman, but you seem to have already concluded that.

My second guess was that the from is:

> From: "YWCA Lifeskills: Training, Coaching,
>     Publications" <ywca_lifeskills at zuka.net>

and you don't have that in your whitelist, but that's not true either.

Is your whitelist file referenced in MailScanner.conf?


	Richard Siddall

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