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Fri Oct 31 18:23:04 GMT 2008

on 10-31-2008 11:12 AM Benedict simon spake the following:
> Dear All,
> I Have the following setup running fine for about a year or so on a single
> server.
> Centos 5 (final)
> DNS bind-9.3.4-6.0.2.P1.el5_2 as my DNS server
> sendmail-8.13.8-2.el5 as my mail server
> MailScanner ver 4.66.5
> jules easy package Clam-0.92-SA-3.2.4
> pyzor-0.4.0
> razor-agents-2.84
> mailwatch-1.0.4
> httpd-2.2.3-11.el5_1
> all the above is workin fine .
> now i would like to upgrde to the latest MS stable version and also the
> stable clamav 0.94 nd SA 3.2.5 package
> since this is  live server i wd highly apprecite if  cd get some advice n
> steps about upgrading the MS version to the latest stable version and also
> the other required pckages
> i have gone throguh the wiki n upgrade instructions but was still a little
> confused
> wd relly apprecite your help
> MS was installed from tar.gz package
> regards
> simon
If the machine can be offline for about 10 minutes it is easy.

stop mailscanner. If you don't have a backup MX you can start incoming
(service MailScanner startin)

Back up current if you want (there is a script available on the wiki )

Unpack and install clam-sa package
unpack and install MailScanner package

service MailScanner restart

tail maillog to see if everything is working

Pat self on back and get cup of coffee.

MailScanner is like deodorant...
You hope everybody uses it, and
you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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