Scanning inside zip files

Paul Welsh paul at
Thu Oct 30 14:17:55 GMT 2008

Apologies if this has been covered many times previously but I used to set
the maximum depth for zip file scanning to 0, ie, disable it.  This allowed
files that would otherwise be blocked to be zipped and sent.

Then recently came the malware in zip files that changed so frequently that
Clam and others couldn't keep up so I changed my zip scanning setting to
block these viruses.

Now I'm getting problems from customers who want to send programs in zip
files so I've had to reset the maximum depth to 0 again.

Off the top of my head I can only think that I should turn on the quarantine
(it's off at present) and go back to blocking programs in zip files, then
dig out files that get blocked in error from the quarantine as requested.

Anyone else doing something more clever?

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