OT: New service - the Team Cymru Malware Hash Registry!

Stef Morrell stef at aoc-uk.com
Thu Oct 30 12:11:51 GMT 2008

Martin.Hepworth <martinh at solidstatelogic.com> wrote:
> Average business will get a support contract with $consultant
> who will do everything anyway.

Like me.. Yay!

> Make no difference what the back-end is as long as they can
> use Outleek etc as you say. A lot of people make a nice
> living out of selling open-source alternatives to SBS as they
> come in at under 1/2 the M$ price, esp at this time.

They've inevitably bought into some third party software for some business critical process, which requires doze server in some way, MS-SQL perhaps. So, we're tied into at least one doze server. At that point, we can use SBS and it's all done, or we have to buy more iron for an open source solution for 'other services', which by the time you've bought the tin, the warranties and my time, is getting expensive and I'm not delivering best value to client.

At least I've got them putting IPCOP as their firewall solutions, so it's not all a complete loss.

> But we digress..:-)

Aye.. aye...


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>> Martin.Hepworth <martinh at solidstatelogic.com> wrote:
>>> All about education then ain't it.
>> Yes and in particular, the cost of retraining all the staff to use a
>> new MUA. 
>>> If they want to spend £££££/$$$$$ to uncle Bill/Steve then fair
>>> enough,
>> On the other hand, once you've set an SME up with a server running
>> SBS, the average end user at least understands it enough somewhat get
>> by. It's easy for us as 'experts' to sit in Ivory Towers saying how
>> *nix & sendmail/postfix is so much better but the average business
>> doesn't want the hassle of learning how, as that takes time away from
>> whatever their core business is.
>> Stef

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