OT - GreetPause question

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Tue Oct 28 13:29:20 GMT 2008

Done a little googling, but didn't see a specific answer. Don't belong 
to the sendmail mail list, but probably should join - I belong to too 
many already.

It's OT so I'll listen to whatever comes my way.

I use GreetPause. I have a default time set at 5000 in my 
sendmail.mc(cf) for 5 seconds. I have my own servers set at 0 so that 
there is no delay  invoked. I have found where I can put different 
delays other than zero for certain IPs to override the default in the 
sendmail.cf, but I don't see it working (or maybe the spammers are 
really following the rules and wait). The override feature of GreetPause 
may only be valid in 8.14 sendmail for values other than 0.

So that is my question - is it valid to put something like 
"GreetPause:xx.yy.zz    20000" in my access file, remake the access.db 
in sendmail 8.13? It doesn't give a warning when I remake it, but I see 
no pre-greeting messages for the inserted values in my logs.

Thanks for any help. I'll continue looking elsewhere as I'm sure I've 
just overlooked it.

Steve Campbell

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