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Mon Oct 27 12:33:24 GMT 2008


Running it now..

Number 1: I take your kittens and trump them with a puppy

(must get some new pictures up there)

Number 2: yup know that feeling

Number 3: we're all praying/hoping/best wishes etc for ya dude.

Ya do an excellent job. Many many thanks.

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> Hi Folks!
> Firstly, a big apology for not being around the place much recently.
> Several reasons.
> Number one, I now have two incredibly cute kittens to look after:
> Number two, I seem to have had quite a lot on at work (my day-job).
> Number three, between numbers one and two, I just haven't had
> any energy left. I'm struggling quite hard to keep my weight
> up (currently only weigh 8 stone 1, 113 pounds, 51 kg) and
> just don't have much energy at the moment. There have been a
> load of colds going round, and while I don't really get colds
> (certainly never get blocked nose, stuffy head, anything like
> that) they still hit me a bit. As for the new liver, well
> they want to redo all the MRI scans, so I've got a few hours
> in an MRI scanner to look forward to. A rather critical new
> vein has opened up, which totally changed their surgical
> plan, and they need to be very sure it isn't going to close
> again or anything daft like that. And no, the phone hasn't
> rung yet, I'm still waiting for the liver transplant call. :-)
> So MailScanner has had to go on a bit of a back burner for a
> while. I'm sure you understand :-)
> Mean time, I have just put out a new beta release, which will
> go stable in a few days if no-one finds anything horribly
> wrong with it. So please do test it for me!
> Here is the Change Log:
> * New Features and Improvements *
> 1 Added support for ClamAV 0.94. Note that this has
> necessitated removal of
>   complete support for earlier versions of ClamAV as the
> command-line settings
>   are incompatible. So only use this version if you have
> upgraded to the latest
>   ClamAV 0.94.
> 2 The "Found to be clean" header will not be added to the
> message at all if
>   the relevant configuration setting is blank in MailScanner.conf.
> 2 Filename and filetype checks are now done before virus
> scanning. This means
>   that you can use the "deny+delete" type of filename or
> filetype rule to
>   selectively delete files that will choke your buggy virus scanner.
> 4 "" now logs all output to "install.log".
> 4 The RPM and SuSE versions of "" now have a
> "reinstall" command-
>   line option which will make it attempt to remove the Perl
> RPMs before it
>   installs them, in case you have changed your Perl version
> enough that the
>   previous Perl modules were not being found by your new
> setup. Very handy
>   for Fedora upgraders, among others.
> 4 Improvements to the "reinstall" command-line switch so it
> removes all the
>   old versions first, before it starts installing anything new.
> 4 Updated MIME-tools to version 5.427.
> 4 Minor improvement to phishing net.
> 4 Added check to --lint for sufficiently correct /tmp permissions.
> * Fixes *
> 1 Changed logging of clamd so that it reports the virus
> scanner name correctly.
> 2 Removed debug code from OLE unpacking code.
> 3 Fixed log handling bug in filename rules matching code,
> thanks to Derek Chee.
> 4 Fixed bug where whole message body was deleted if a file
> nested within 2
>   zip files failed filename tests.
> 4 Fixed reporting bug in 'service MailScanner status' where
> it would produce
>   an error instead of saying the incoming sendmail process
> was working fine.
> 4 Fixed a parsing bug in the "Avast" scanner support.
> 4 Minor change to error message when /tmp has wrong permissions.
> Jules
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